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Hydroponics - Optimal growing conditions

Hydroponics - Working with water

The term hydroponics derives from the Greek words for water (hydro) and work (ponos) - "working with water".

In a hydroponic system plant roots do not grow in soil, but in nutrient-enriched water. Hydroponics is a good method for growing plants, vegetables and herbs - indoor and outdoor.

It has many advantages over the classical cultivation in soil and is particularly suitable for urban gardening on balcony, roofs or indoor.

What do plants need to grow?

Principle of active water culture | hydroponics

Compared to the cultivation in soil, the plants get everything they need to grow through the nutrient solution, delivered directly to the roots. Nutrients do not have to be dissolved out of the earth by pouring. This also saves the plant energy because it simply gets to the nutrients. The nutrient solution must have a certain temperature and be enriched with oxygen. Such a controllable hydroponic system provides optimal plant growth, is resource-saving, less labor-intensive and significantly more productive than cultivation in soil.