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Young plants for hydroponics

1. Select a substrate suitable for hydroponics, in which the seed can germinate and build roots. Eazy Plugs have worked well. Water the Eazy Plug and then place germinating seeds on it. Forr seeds which prefer a dark environmnt place the seed into the center of the plug and press into the substrate material.

2. Set the prepared Eazy Plugs in a seedling greenhouse. With the lid closed o create high humidity, wait for germination. The greenhouse should be placed in an area with light and at temperatures of approx. 22 °C. Keep moisture high and ventilate from time to time.

3. If the young plant is a few centimeters tall and the Eazy plug well rooted, it will be implemented in the hydroponic cultivation system. This can be done for better stability in mesh pots or in larger, rectangular Eazy plugs - the Eazy Block.

Propagation of cuttings

Many plants can be reproduced from healthy, strong mother plants via cuttings, such as basil. The process is simple.

1. Select strong, about 10 cm long shoots. Using a clean, sharp knife, cut off the shoot approx. 1 cm below a knot.

2. Remove the lower leaves and place the shoots in a glass of water. Best darken with aluminum foil and cover the glass - the humid environment has a favorable effect on the rooting of the cuttings. Let fresh air enter from time to time!

3. Once the cuttings have formed roots, they can be transformed to keep growing.

4. For aeroponics or NFT systems (Nutrient Film Technique) cuttings with good rooting are fixed in a slotted neoprene ring for stabilization and inserted directly into the hydroponics cultivation system.

5. For other hydroponic systems, the freshly cut cuttings can be placed directly into a wet Eazy Plug substrate and placed in an indoor propagator until they are well rooted through the substrate. Pay attention to high air humidity, always supply fresh air.

6. The well-rooted cuttings can also be converted directly into a network pot and stabilized with porous clay balls. The rooted Eazy plug is also used for better stabilization in a network pot.