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delicious vitamins in the cold season

Microgreens - fast growing hydroponics superfood

Microgreens not only look delicious, they are also a particularly valuable enrichment in the kitchen, as a salad topping, on bread or in a smoothie. Microgreens or "micro-green" are seedlings that are ready for harvesting 7 - 14 days after sowing. The cultivation is simple.

Photo gallery of our hydroponics balcony garden

Impressions 2019 -  Hydroponics Balcony Garden

Own vegetable and herb farming local, tasty, ecological and sustainable. We could enjoy fresher and healthier food and produced less packaging waste. Picture gallery of our hydroponics self-sufficient balcony garden project 2019 .

Experiences with indoor cultivation

Indoor Gardening - Fresh vegetables in winter

Thanks to our balcony garden project 2019, we have got used to harvesting and enjoying home-grown herbs, vegetables and salads fresh as needed - it couldn't be any fresher or more regional. That's why we have started our project Hydroponics Indoor Gardening and report on our experiences with indoor cultivation.

Conclusion Balcony Garden 2019

DOKU - Hydroponic cultivation of over 80 different plants

Hydroponics - optimal conditions

What do plants need in hydroponics to grow

Hydroponics propagation

Plant propagation especially for hydroponics systems.

Hydroponics systems

Super effective. Various hydroponics systems.

Hydroponic substrates

Expanded clay balls, rock wool, hemp, jute, eazy plug, perlite, neoprene, ...

Hydroponics fertilizer

Hydroponics fertilizer. What does a plant need.