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May - Hydroponic self-supply balcony project

30.05.2019 – Finally sun - the balcony garden grows and thrives - the harvest begins

Now that the sun is finally shining, you can watch the individual plants growing. The vertical plant towers, the NFT balcony railing and the vertical lettuce garden are getting greener and greener. Even edible flowers are flourishing. The strawberries are still waiting. The tomatoes, chilies, peppers and egg plants  are developing excellently in the drip systems and the first cucumbers are already growing in the Deep Water Area. Our diet is becoming more and more rich in vitamins and diversified and so far we have been able to harvest 5.4 kg. 

14.05.2019 – Bees plant tower- bees and insect-friendly flowers in solar-powered hydroponics plant tower - save the bees

Everyone can do something to make the bees feel better. We have chosen a solar-powered hydroponic planting column (Hydrokultur 40 Outdoor). The flowers have been selected to provide food for the bees. The "bees plant tower" is automatically watered by a solar water pump - little work and good for the bees.

The "bees plant tower" - Save the bees


14.05.2019 – It' progressing - but still danger of night frost

There is still a risk of night frost. Except for the tomatoes and cucumbers we have uncovered all the plants. The harvest yield is still 3 kg at the moment. Mainly Pak Choi, Asia lettuce, green leaf lettuce and herbs were harvested. The hydroponics central supply works without any problems - at the moment we consume about 35 litres of water/nutrient solution per week.

06.05.2019 – Wrapping artist - cold spell in May

This is also part of hydroponic gardening. Night frost 5 - 6 May was reported - this means that everything that is sensitive is pure and everything that is less sensitive is covered. 

We only covered the cabbage varieties with foil. The planting columns were also artfully veiled. We left the chili and paprika in the greenhouse like this, but opened the window to the apartment, so that the greenhouse always has about 10-12 °C. The temperature in the greenhouse is always about 10-12 °C. The chili and paprika are also covered with foil.

We have brought the tomatoes in the droplets irrigation system into the house as a precaution, since the tomatoes already have blossoms and partly already small fruits. Another advantage of the Hydroponic is that everything can simply be taken out of the planting systems and taken somewhere else - for example to the warmth.