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Hydroponic Urban Gardening Blog


Urban Gardening - Self-supply - Delicious, ecological and sustainable.

We want to make our contribution to conserve resources and protect the environment. Green City - freshly harvested on the table! With and without garden, self-catering is always possible.



Vertical plant cultivation - less space required

Growing vegetables and herbs on the balcony, terrace, roof garden is environmentally friendly as there are no transport routes or packaging waste. To grow more plants in confined spaces, it makes sense not only to grow horizontally but also vertically. Vertical plant cultivation goes up so that walls, roofs and terraces can be better used.


Vegetables on the balcony

Our goal is to grow crops such as salads, herbs and vegetables on balconies and terraces. Everything you need to cook with freshly harvested products


More and more land is needed for food production

The way to a sustainable city. In 2050, more than 9 billion people will live on earth, mainly in cities, and must be supplied. Growing fresh vegetables on roofs, balconies, terraces and in living rooms is healthy, satisfying, economical and helps to minimize the world food problem. Starving for land in food production.


Soilless alternative cultivation

Your own vegetable and herb garden! The hydroponic cultivation method, which does not cultivate in soil but in water containing nutrients, offers some advantages here


For yourself and the environment

Everybody can contribute to improving the environment and making better use of resources. Our motivation