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For yourself and the environment

Everyone can contribute to improving the environment and making better use of resources.

Trapped in the professional life and action - always higher, farther and faster - one quickly overlooks the things that are really important. In our digital media work, there have been truly revolutionary developments over the last 20 years. Whether they were all desirable is an open question. At the beginning everything was very exciting and a mood was created "We can make the world better". Today there are endless social networks, apps, wearables etc.. Our children can no longer live without a smartphone or at least do not want it anymore. Is that right? Today we think that if we had used part of this innovation to improve the environment in which we live, we probably would not face the climate catastrophe with mega-storms, mega-droughts, mega-floods, totally wasted seas and millions of people suffering from hunger.

At some point you begin to eat more consciously by buying organic food, realizing that most organic foods are packaged in plastic - why is a mystery to us. Because of this and the fact that corporations in the food and agricultural industries are not always doing business for the benefit of consumers and the environment, we have come to the decision to be self-supporter - at least in part.

To advance our career as a gardener, we researched and came across the hydroponics, because we did not have a garden to grow vegetables, but two balconies and a garage roof. We quickly realized that this method of cultivation has many advantages. Vertical gardening paired with hydroponics quickly convinced and infected us. We have worked intensively on the benefits of hydroponic farming methods and gained a lot of experience. There is much information in this area, but much is too scientific. We want to do make our contribution to promote the hydroponic cultivation of plants for domestic use, to produce local food and to green homes and cities.

If everyone makes a small contribution and grows some of their fresh food, this saves our precious resources, relieves the burden on the environment and contributes to better nutrition. It is nice that the food is fresher and healthier. You can watch how plants grow and reap only when needed.

Do it for yourself and the environment!

Astrid and Jürgen