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Vertical Gardening - Grow vegetables, salads and herbs yourself on the smallest space. Automatically - even without a green thumb?

Do it for yourself and the environment - local - ecological - freshly harvested

  • you decide on how and what you grow
  • no pesticides
  • no transport routes
  • no packaging waste
  • always fresh on the table

    10 good reasons for your vertical "Hydroponics" garden

    • Freshly harvested products on the table
    • 44 plants on an area of only 0.2 m²
    • simple, effective farming method
    • automatic watering
    • comfortable harvesting at working height
    • easy exchange of the plants
    • floating, hydroponic cultivation
    • up to 80% less water consumption
    • high yield through hydroponics
    • very suitable for fast growing plants, e.g. salads, which can be replaced quickly and easily