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August - Hydroponic self-supply balcony project

31.08.2019 - In the month of August we harvested 32 kg on our self-supply balcony - a record month

By the end of August we now have a total of 75.8 kg. In August it was about 32 kg - record month!

approx. 12 kg cucumber

approx. 3.5 kg kohlrabi

approx. 2 kg chard

approx. 1 kg Pak Choi

approx. 1 kg paprika

approx. 9 kg salads

approx. 15 kg tomatoes

You can find the complete harvest list here

23.08.2019 - Herbs, salads and much more from our blacony garden

Rain and cooler temperatures at first, now sun and warmth again - a real growing climate. You can see how everything thrives. We have already harvested almost 15 kg of tomatoes, now the peppers are growing and turning red. It is a wonderful garden, without soil, with few work, because everything is watered automatically. So you gain time for harvesting and plant care, which is much more fun than carrying heavy water jugs. Our Urban Gardening!

08.08.2019 - Harvest result as of 08 August 2019 = 55 kg

Last week we harvested over 10 kg, mainly tomatoes, salad and cucumbers. Now we are at 55 kg.

1 week = over 10 kg - we are satisfied!

08.08.2019 - Spices made from our own dried herbs

So that we can enjoy our herbs after the summer, we dry some of the herbs and grind them to spices. Previously we used a mortar, from which the herbs or seeds fell out again and again - it was annoying.

Now we have bought the Skeppshult herb mill with which we grind the herbs, seeds or peppercorns as finely as we like them. The cast-iron mill lies well in the hand and by rubbing the two parts of the mill against each other, the ground material is gently ground. Thanks to the lid nothing jumps out! The delicious, aromatic scent of the freshly made spices is wonderful. Filled into a tightly closing spice jar, they retain their aroma for a long time.

06.08.2019 - Drying herbs from our balcony herb garden

The herbs in our hydroponic plant towers are getting bigger and bigger and need to be harvested. Since we cannot eat everything fresh, we preserve the freshness of summer for autumn and winter. We freeze some of the herbs. We dry the rest to make spices or teas.

For drying, we use a suspended multi-layer drying net, which has proved itself well. So we dry the herbs nicely separated from each other, quasi pure. Later, we mix the herbs as needed and according to taste, e.g. for teas.

Dill, lovage, calendula, coriander seed, cumin, tarragon and savory were already dried on our herb drying net. Currently lemon balm, peppermint, celery, marjoram and oregano follow. 

04.08.2019 - Also the caterpillars like the hydroponically grown cabbage plants

Since we do not use any pesticides on our hydroponics balcony garden, we also have some blackheads from the air. The small cabbage white butterfly, a butterfly that loves all cabbage plants - as the name suggests.  As pretty as the little white butterflies are, it is regrettable how fast their caterpillars eat whole leaves of our cabbage plants. 

By removing the caterpillars we had the voracious little animals under control for a while. Since we had a complete deep water tub full of cabbage plants, the food supply was too inviting for the cabbage white butterflies, so that the caterpillars felt too comfortable.

Our experiences: We have drawn our consequences and removed the hydroponic Deep Water cabbage plantation. Apart from Kohlrabi, the cabbage plants last relatively long until they are ready for harvest. Although they grow very well in hydroponic cultivation, the cultivation time is actually too long and the space required is very large. Even though our own cauliflower tasted amazing, we decided to only grow kohlrabi and savoy cabbage in the future. Individual plants in different places, and then it works and we have tasty vegetables to harvest.