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Harvest results 2019

Until 17 September 2019 Harvest result = 90,5 kg

Until 31 August 2019 Harvest result = 75,8 kg

In August we harvested 32 kg. Are now at 75.8 kg.

Until 08 August 2019 Harvest result = 55 kg

 In about a week we have harvested over 10 kg. Are now at 55 kg.

Until 30 July 2019 Harvest results

In two weeks since the last harvest list we have harvested 22 kg. But 200 kg are still far away. I think we've misjudged a bit. With a harvest time of May to October - that is 6 months main harvest time - one would have to harvest approx. 1.1 kg each day. Even if we could do that, it makes little sense, because two people cannot eat or process 1.1 kg of vegetables, herbs, etc. every day. Our mistake!!!!!!

Until 15 July 2019 Harvest results

It is harvested and eaten bravely - in 2 weeks since the last harvest list we have harvested 10 kg. Now the heavier things like tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers and kohlrabi are coming. In view of the real, I mean physical quantities, it is questionable whether two people (not vegetarians) can process the target quantity of 200 kg. But also the target of 200 kg is questionable. Will be exciting.

Until 30 June Harvest results - halftime

Now it's summer and the plants are growing and thriving. The first tomatoes turn red and the cucumbers finally grow.  Besides salads we have harvested a lot of watercress. 

until 30 June = 20.7 kg harvested

Until 18 June 2019 Harvest results

As the weather got better and better in June, the harvest increases. At the moment it is mainly salads, herbs, cabbage, Asian plants. 

One does not believe at all that well 100 g salad are perfectly sufficient for two persons.

Harvested by 18 June = 13.4 kg

By the end of May 2019 Harvest results

since the weather in May was not very warm, the harvest result is still a little bit poor, but at least we have 

harvested by the end of May = 5.4 kg

Complete planting list hydroponics

Asia salad, eggplant, valerian, basil, cauliflower, beans, savory, borage, brahmi, broccoli, watercress, chilli, Chinese cabbage, cumin cumin, dill, pea, Strawberries, tarragon, cucumber, nasturtium, chervil, kohlrabi, komatsuma, coriander, pumpkin butternut and hokkaido, leek, lavender, lovage, marjoram, chard, Melon, Mint, Oregano, Pak Choi, Red and Yellow Peppers, Smooth and Curly Parsley, Pimpinelle, Portulaca, Rocket / Rucola, Marigold, Rosemary, Salad, Sage, Sorrel, Celery, Spinach, Cabbage, Celery, Pansy, Turnip Sticks, Thyme, Tomatoes, Chicory, White Cabbage, Savoy cabbage, Lemon Balm, Zucchini, Zucchini, Smooth and Curly Parsley, Pimpinelle, Sage, Tomato