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June - Hydroponic self-supply balcony project

18.06.2019 – Balcony garden grows and prospers

Now it's finally warmer. The plants are growing well - we have already grown new seededlings. Many plants, like lettuce and herbs, we already give away to our neighbours, because often too much ripens at once. Which is not so bad. But we still have to fine-tune the planting strategy.

One does not believe at all that 100 g salad are perfectly sufficient for two persons.

7.06.2019 – Save the bees - give them food

03.06.2019 – Bringing plants grown in soil into hydroponics - medicinal plants Sushni, Jiaogulan and Brahmi

The more you deal with herbs, the more surprised you are at what exists. We cultivated Brahmi last year and are doing it again this year to support our brine.  And while we're at it Sushni, a nerve medicinal herb from India, and Jiaogulan, an Asian medicinal herb that is said to be better than ginseng, are added. These plants were bought and were grown in soil. The soil was washed off and the plants were then placed in expanded clay substrate. In addition to the special effect, they also look very nice.

01.06.2019 – Planting time - Melon, Pumpkin and Jalapeno Chili

Most of the plants were grown from seeds themselves or propagated by cuttings. Unfortunately the Butternut pumpkin has not risen. In order to make the balcony garden even more varied, 4 more plants were bought and prepared for hydroponic use. Sugar melon Galia, Butternut and Hokkaido pumpkin we had not tried yet. We are curious to see what we will harvest. We know that chili works great. Concerning sharpness we want to add another shovel, therefore the Jalapeno.