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Balcony garden in October

Unfortunately no golden October yet, but only damp, cool autumn weather.  Nevertheless, urban gardening on the balcony is still on the agenda. Tomatoes are still hanging on the bush and are slowly turning red - but they are definitely still waiting for some sun.

The lettuce, especially endive and sugar loaf, is still growing very well and many herbs from the herb garden are still harvested regularly. Mangold has grown super all year round and also likes the cooler temperatures. PakChoi and Asian lettuce have recently been sown and are now partly ready for harvest. The spinach in the Vertical Garden still needs some more time.

Also in autumn there is still a lot to be harvested and cooked - but not all growing places are occupied anymore. The Galia melons were so sweet and tasty that we already ate them. We are lucky to process some of the pumpkins. 

Since the monthly strawberries still bear tasty fruit, we left them in the NFT gutter - they do not make any work thanks to the automatic irrigation.

Young spinach grown from seeds in a vertical NFT system - vitamin-rich vegetables for the colder season. However, it may grow a little until the harvest.

07.10.2019 Urban Gardening of autumn-vegetable and salads

In the Deep Water planter different vegetables and salads grow side by side - rich in vitamins and just the right thing for a healthy food in the colder seasons. In this balcony garden, chard, pak choi, endive salad and even a Romanesco stand side by side.

Until 30 September 2019 - Harvest results of balcony garden = 108 kg