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Starving for acreage

Urban Gardening and Urban Farming - additional ways to grow food - local and fresh

By 2050, about 75% of about 9 billion people will live in cities. Urban gardening and urban farming are effective alternatives to conventional agriculture.

Urban Gardening / Urban Farming - do it locally - ecologically and freshly harvested. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute.

Suitable production areas for food in agriculture are becoming increasingly rare. Production areas / farmland are becoming an object of speculation for many corporations and countries. There is an urgent need for alternatives to conventional agriculture with its large acreage demands. If everyone starts to grow his own vegetables and herbs on a small scale, this can help solve some of the problems. Self-growing is now possible in the smallest urban space. Urban gardening, earth-based or water-based, the main thing is to do something for yourself and the environment. Urban Gardening - do it locally - ecologically - freshly harvested.

Our Definition of Urban Gardening and Urban Farming

Urban Farming

We see the term "Urban Farming" more in the area of professional food cultivation. Cultivation of food in cities or in suburban areas, on areas not normally used for this purpose, such as factory buildings, unused roof areas or fallow industrial areas.

In urban farming, food production covers all areas - vegetarian foods such as vegetables, herbs and lettuce, but also animal foodstuffs such as fish, pork and poultry.

This is where we see the main difference between urban farming and urban gardening.

Urban Gardening

Nowadays, only a few people can practise urban agriculture in their private environment, e.g. farming animals for food production. Therefore, the term urban gardening for us is more private and refers to vegetables, herbs, salads, fruits and fruits that are grown on smaller garden areas.

Urban Gardening also partly takes place in urban peripheral areas in allotments or gardens. For those who do not have a garden, the cultivation of food on balconies, terraces, garage roofs or roofs is a possibility to supply themselves with fresh vegetable food.

For us, the term urban gardening is used to describe the cultivation of food on small-sized areas in the private urban environment.

Do it for yourself and the environment

As we said, this is our definition of urban gardening and urban farming. Others may see it differently, but here we will try to classify the terms for non-experts.

We, as supporters of alternative cultivation methods, see Urban Gardening as a great trend to provide ourselves with fresh vegetables and thus achieve a little bit of independence. The great thing about it is that it helps the environment.

Urban Gardening - The Future of Edible Gardens - Roofs, Walls, Terraces, Balconies, Living Spaces, Restaurants, Offices ...

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