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Vertical Gardening - space for cultivation

Vertical gardening - Vertical plant cultivation

Growing herbs, salads or vegetables in an urban environment is a trend with ecologically benefits. Growing vegetables and herbs on the balcony, terrace, roof garden is environmentally friendly as there are no transport routes or packaging waste. In addition, the air is improved and the air temperatures in the cities can be reduced by the lush greenery.

To grow more plants in confined spaces, it makes sense not only to grow horizontally but also vertically. Vertical plant cultivation goes up so that walls, roofs and terraces can be better used. 

Vertical hydroponical plant cultivation

Up to now, vertical, urban cultivation of vegetables and herbs has been characterised by cultivation in soil. Few people know that hydroculture cultivation or hydroponic cultivation of plants is also an alternative.  Additionally, vertical hydroponic plant cultivation is less complicated than expected.

With vertical plant towers or vertical wall systems, harvesting is successful and can be achieved in the smallest of spaces and with little effort. It still looks nice. 

Vertical Gardening - a lot of cultivation area demanding little space